Tantric massage and/or Sacred Lingam massage


Plaats: Amsterdam
Provincie: Noord-Holland
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Also facilitations only at your place/home around or in Utrecht! Email me for detailes or interest.

Effects and reactions of those who had session with me:

"You have magical soft hands"
"I never thought my body would react like that."
"Never thought it would be possible to feel fullbody orgasm.. im still tintling"
"My hips and belly feel more free"

Beautiful Being,

We should not shame our body and reactions. We are here to feel and be free. I invite you to play in Life!

Please read my advert clear. If this resonates with you. You are welcome.

My massage name is Noa. Im offering tantric massage based on the awakening of sexual energies and because of so many request I facilitate Sacred Lingam massage. I have been massaging for over 16 years in many forms.

Im respectful and hygienic to the body. This is not sex or being intimate together.. so please dont ask me, but maybe even more then just that experience. I will work with the sexual energies that might can give you the ultimate deep experience through the whole body. Im witness and so we are only energetic connected.

Tantric massage incl. Perinuem spot:

- massage healing touch only receiving no exchange
- massaging the perineum spot only with hands if is allowed and feels good for you. This will activate your energy.
- gentle touching is allowed but no sex and my genital touching
- spontanous orgasm is allowed to release tention but not the focus and essence of tantra

Sacred Lingam massage:

- gently slow massage of the Lingam (penis)
- spontanous orgasm is allowed but not the focus and essence of tantra
- i will support you in breathing into this experience. So please be open for that.
- this is a sacred connection and intention.

Please read carefully. This is Tantra experience to open your Life force through touch. Im not naked not topless.. please dont ask for.. but well dressed. This is all about you and the process to allow to be seen. This is no body2body.. no erotic massage with focus on happy end. I wish to open more then that, so you can experience the real You through sexual energy.

I have a place to facilitate in Amsterdam South. But can also move to your place only outside Amsterdam towards Utrecht or surrounding.


Tantra perinuem massage only 1.5 hours 130 euros.
Tantra & Sacred Lingam massage only 1.5 hours 150 euros.

Please email for appiontment. I appreciate an introduced email of you and motivation. I do not answer mails without this. Thank you for respecting proper communication.

I facilitate mainly on:
Mon.Tues.Thurs.Fri. day 9.30-14.30 & 18.30-21.30
Weekends on Sat. 14.00-21.30
Sometimes on Sunday.
Sent me any other request for another day.. you never know how it works out in the agenda.

Looking forward to facilitate for you.

Please note: all appointments are first email. After concrete date you receive detailed information. Thank you in advance.

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