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Mrs Love

Plaats: Amsterdam
Provincie: Noord-Holland
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Fetish and fantasy role plays - including taking/ interrogation scenarios..

I thoroughly enjoy being in full control in the most perverse of ways. I am a natural dominant and I like to dominate men and woman.

I often have at my disposal subs (Ts and slaves). I love threesomes and moresomes; group sessions are much fun. I love to photograph and film sessions but I always respect individual wishes. Tributes are variable and depends on the requirements of each person.

Tied and teased: Let me own every inch of your being, submit to me as your one and only Mistress, and let me take you to levels of submission you have only ever dreamed of. Imagine being stripped naked and gently restrained by the most beautiful of temptresses. I will awaken every inch of your skin as it is slowly teased, caressed and kissed until your cock is throwing stiff and begging to be touched. I will rub, stroke and probe you to the gates of heaven, before stopping and leaving you hanging there, in the midst of sexual suspense. You can hear my stiletto heels on the floor as I walk around the bed, and the kiss of my breath on your skin as you hang there, right on the edge. Submit to me, Let go, and let me take you over the edge of ecstasy.

Sissification: Let me strip you of your man hood in the most patronising of ways. Perhaps I will make you my perfect fuck doll, or a feminine sissy maid? Maybe I will demand you put on my worn silky panties whilst I shave your legs and paint your nails. I may even demand you suck my strap on cock and show me how a good girl deep throats.

Spanking/flogging/caning: I have a variety of whips, floggers, canes and paddles to use on any part of your body I desire. Perhaps I will put you over my Knee and spank your naughty bottom raw. Or maybe I will chain you to the hangers and flog your back until you beg me to stop.

Water and Hard sports: I have a toilet box to use at my will, and take great pleasure in pissing/shitting over your face while it is restrained helplessly directly under my pussy and ass, open wide! This incurs an extra fee for the pleasure of experiencing my divine waste.

Strap on, Anal probing, Prostate milking: The ultimate in male submission! Plenty of toys for stretching that tight hole of yours. I just love wearing my firm strap on and take nothing but sheer pleasure out of fucking your sissy arse while you whimper helplessly. I take pride in making you my personal fuck hole, and if you are very lucky, I may even allow you to suck your arse juices off my Strap-on.

Cuckolding, SPH and cleanup slaves: Imagine being restrained and watching helplessly as your mistress get to work on a real worthy mans cock. 11inch of pure meat pounding away making me groan with delight. Perhaps while we laugh at the pathetic size of your member and compare you inch by inch against my stud. How about watching your Mistresses pussy filled with warm cum, before I sit directly on your face and make you clean my pussy, worthless SLUT!

Chastity and denial: His entire body trembles, every touch threatening to overwhelm him. Pleasure courses through him, like electric shocks caressing his long-neglected cock. Finally, after months of denial, he is just a few strokes away from release. His hips buck forward, seeking, yearning.. only to feel the cock cage once again secured around his still-throbbing organ. Though he did not orgasm, the good feeling does not leave him – his body continues to rock and twitch with pleasurable sensations as his chastity continues for another day.

Does the scenario above sound hot? Erotic? Intense? All of the above, but also a little bit


Tell me your most intimate fantasies..

You will find me the most demanding of Mistress's.

NO CALLS !! Contact me ONLY by email/ WhatsApp/ message..

Mistress Love }:-)

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