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Gezelschap en sensualiteit met aandacht en passie

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Hi – welcome

I‘m Ben, 34 years, originally from Stuttgart and living in Utrecht. I appreciate your interest in getting to know more about my offers and me. My activity and fascination is based on ten years on non-monogam living and loving. Positive feedback and encouragement from partners, friends and dates have motivated me to work as a (supportive) escort since more than a year.

_What my aim of our date is:

— create a positiv, consensual dating and sexual experience
— help you explore and enjoy your sexuality to the the fullest
— show the beauty of physical and emotional touch
— strengthen skills for a self-determined and fulfilled sexuality for you and your partners
— I'm there for you, when you want to something good for yourself

_ What do women appreciate about me?

— honest, active and considerate interest in my counterpart, with words and tactfulness, trust and comfort develop in no time.
— Empathy and tolerance create a pleasant climate for conversation.
— I offer the opportunity to take sensual and erotic photos and films in a protected environment, so that you can see yourself and us
— I have an inclusive and welcoming nature. This includes people with disabilities, older age, special body shapes or negative sexual experiences.

_ Services and prices

Passionate and pleasurable visit 400€/2h (additional hours +90€/h)
Overnight-stay (20h-10h) 900€
Film/ Photogr. explorations +80€/h

(I offer special solidary-rates for humans in unstabil financial situations, feel free to request that)

_ Feel welcomed to send me a message or e-mail with:

Where and where would you prefer to meet?
If you want to give me some insights about yourself.
Or if you have any other questions.
@justnotbed_ (insta)

Ben Nordmann

Man, 35 jaar

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  • Utrecht

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